Digital invoice management


Target groups  Hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, purchasing companies, logistics businesses, merchants

HBS|invoice is the most integrative solution for registering incoming invoices electronically in the healthcare sector. This solution optimizes the invoice receiving process by fully integrating, networking and interlinking all data involved. This ensures that the transaction data is transferred to the systems without any integration gaps.

The core technical features are:

  • Digitization of paper invoices
  • Validation and verification of billing data
  • Electronic authorization process
  • Integration with materials management / financial accounting
  • Audit-proof archiving

Essential is the modular and adaptable nature of the process:

  • Scan
  • Interpret
  • Validate
  • Approve
  • Integrate
  • Archive


  • Supreme data quality thanks to process integration and reduction of manual process steps to the minimum
  • No investments in additional hardware and software
  • Utilization of existing infrastructure
  • Replacement or paper archive
  • Invoice documents available online in a central location
  • Audit-proof archiving
Appscreen HBS|invoice