Data quality: First-rate

HBS|data management for buyers

Target groups  Hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, medical care centers, purchasing groups, nursing/retirement homes, laboratories, institutes

HBS|data management is an online application that provides a qualified search and transfer solution for article master data managed by the vendor. HBS|data management boosts data quality, thereby increasing transparency.

The core technical features are:

  • Digitization of the catalog data in various formats
  • Analysis and validation of the data
  • Preparation of the data for the materials management system
  • Automated transfer of the data
  • Prerequisite for the use of other HBS products

Key performance features are:

  • Validated article master data as the basis for the processes listed below:
    • Requisitions
    • Orders
    • Patient documentation
    • Controlling
  • Validated article master data as the basis for the following applications:
    • HBS|mobile
    • HBS|hospital
    • HBS|hospitalshop
    • HBS|price update
    • HBS|invoice


  • Validation of article master data
  • Qualification of the master data using additional data content
  • Automated creation of article master data
  • Automated transmission of article master data
  • Scanning of vendor bar codes directly from systems operated by the customer by virtue of stored bar code information
Appscreen HBS|datenmanagement