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HBS|mobile for buyers

Target groups  Hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, medical care centers (MCC)

HBS|mobile is a state-of-the-art online scanner solution commonly used for paperless ordering, warehousing and documentation processes.

The solution is particularly well-suited for the following areas:

  • Orders placed directly from the specialist departments
  • Management of consignment warehouses
  • Organization of VMI warehouses
  • Handling of stocktaking procedures
  • Cost object controlling
  • Quality management

The core technical features are:

  • Access to an online database of article master data managed by the vendor
  • Technical validation and verification of a wide variety of bar codes
  • Integration with local WLAN or general GPRS networks
  • Incorporation of the scanned data into HBS|center allows for immediate and discriminating processing of this data

Essential is the modular and adaptable nature of the process:

  • Content-related check of the bar codes against standards / individual encryptions
  • Detection and interpretation of product information, serial and batch numbers as well as expiration dates
  • Preparation of the data according to the following criteria:
    • Supply
    • Documentation
    • Controlling
  • Entry and transfer of data to external registers


The application of HBS|mobile lightens the load of the caregiving personnel to a significant degree as it helps avoid the occurrence of errors in communication.

  • Diversified pool of data related to vendor and/or customer catalogs
  • Internal requisition processes
  • External ordering processes
  • Outstanding ease of use
Appscreen HBS|mobile