Stocktaking on the go for field warehouses

HBS|mobile for vendors

Target groups  Vendors, manufacturers, merchants and logistics businesses

HBS|mobile is a state-of-the-art wireless scanner solution commonly used for paperless ordering, warehousing and stocktaking processes.

The solution is particularly well-suited for the following areas:

  • Management of consignment warehouses
  • Organization of VMI warehouses
  • Handling of stocktaking procedures


The application of HBS|mobile lightens the load of the manufacturer’s field service staff and that of hospital personnel to a tremendous degree. Errors in communication are reliably prevented.

  • Reduced cost and effort during ordering and stocktaking
  • Vendor-independent ordering processes
  • Supports all types of bar codes currently in use
  • Outstanding ease of use
  • Expiration date monitoring
Appscreen HBS|mobile