Online ordering service
for pharmacies

HBS|pharmacy service

Target groups  Public pharmacies with and without public supply mandate

Pharmacies use HBS|pharmacy service to submit their orders to manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products at no charge using their own pharmacy software. This service minimizes the occurrence of errors. Orders are placed using a remote data transmission connection.

The core technical features are:

  • The system is based on the materials management systems employed by the pharmacies
  • Access to a central database used by the pharmaceutical industry
  • Simulation of standard processes used to place orders with pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • Conversion into standardized (e.g.: EANCOM, XML) and individual (e.g.: csv, xls, txt, etc.) target formats
  • Transmission of the data

Key performance features are:

  • Verification and, if necessary, supplementation of the item data by comparing the data to the information listed in the vendor’s catalog


  • Direct order placement with the desired vendors and manufacturers
  • Parallel processing of orders submitted through multiple channels or using different order options
  • Conversion of orders with varying source and target formats