Price and item changes
made easy

HBS|price update

Target groups  Hospitals, purchasing companies

HBS|price update alerts the buyer of any changes in pricing or conditions and helps him analyze these alterations.

The solution downloads price lists from various sources to HBS|center, where it compares the data included in the lists with the data stored in HBS|center (e. g. article master date stored in the materials management system, assignment to existing vendor catalogs, purchase order data collected over the last few months), before the data is checked, assigned and post-processed manually. Within HBS|center, a specific group of data is selected and made available for adoption into the materials management system.

The core technical features are:

  • Digitization of the price lists
  • Verification of the price and article data based on the transaction data
  • Analysis and validation of the data
  • Preparation of the data for the materials management system
  • Automated transfer of the data

Essential is the modular and adaptable nature of the process:

  • Standardized process
  • Digitize
  • Interprete
  • Analyze
  • Select
  • Adopt


  • Application independent of the materials management system used
  • Suitable for all types of purchasing groups
  • Cloud solution
  • Management of variable price brackets and conditions
Appscreen HBS|preisupdate