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HBS|ocr order

Target groups  Vendors, manufacturers and merchants

Our HBS|ocr order order solution can be used to convert orders placed by fax into electronic orders. The solution allows for orders to be processed automatically and to be transmitted directly to the order management system used by the vendor/manufacturer.

The core technical features are:

  • Digitization of the fax order
  • Validation, verification and supplementation of vendor-specific customer information, e.g.: Header data of the order
  • Check of the item data against the information listed in the vendor’s catalog
  • Storage of customer-specific vendor data in a dynamic database
  • Conversion into standardized (e.g.: EANCOM, XML) and individual (e.g.: csv, xls, txt, etc.) target formats
  • Transmission of the data
  • Audit-proof archiving

Key performance features are:

  • Process
    • Scan
    • Interpret
    • Validate
    • Check
    • Integrate
    • Archive


  • Reduction of the time necessary to process orders manually
  • Savings in time and cost for customer service departments
  • Prevention of input errors and subsequent reduction in wrongful deliveries and callbacks
  • Lowering of processing costs incurred for customer service. Minimized number of inquiries and complaints, resulting in less order post-processing
  • Orders find their way into the order management system faster
  • No investment costs
Appscreen HBS|ocr order