The cornerstone

HBS|center for merchants

Target groups  Medical supply vendors, sanitary supply vendors, pharmaceutical wholesalers, logistics businesses with end-to-end supply chains

HBS|center is the central data hub that handles all transaction data generated by customers and vendors. The primary service it delivers is the creation of a network of business partners based on recognized standards as well as individual formats.

The core technical features are:

  • Adoption of standardized (e.g.: EANCOM, XML) and individual (e.g.: csv, xls, txt, etc.) source formats
  • Processing of the data
  • Conversion into standardized (e.g.: EANCOM, XML) and individual (e.g.: csv, xls, txt, etc.) target formats
  • Transmission of the data

Key performance features are:

  • The electronic transmission of different types of notices such as: orders, delivery notes and invoices
  • The synchronization of the data submitted by sender and recipient
  • Catalog updates and automated sharing of the data
  • Catalog validation


  • Quick and easy link-up to an electronic eProcurement Platform
  • Savings in time and cost for all staff members and departments involved in the procurement process
  • Prevention of input errors and subsequent decrease in wrongful deliveries and callbacks
  • Significant reduction in paper receipts up to a complete elimination of paper in day-to-day communications
  • Cost reduction related to fax transmissions or independently managed, direct EDI connections
  • Streamlining of master data maintenance and enhanced quality of information thanks to improved data quality
  • Prerequisite for the integration and implementation of additional HBS products such as HBS|mobile, HBS|shop, HBS|data management, HBS|ocr order, HBS|vmi or HBS|invoice
Appscreen HBS|center