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HBS|mobile – Next Generation


In close cooperation with existing HBS|customers, HBS developed a new scanner software.

With regards to the current societal mindset, as well as our consistent strive for further service and product development, we have accumulated the experiences of the past years and made it our goal to optimize user-friendliness through up-to-date technologies.
The result is an Android-based scanner application.

What’s new with HBS|mobile?

  • User friendly design for high usability
  • Multiple HBS apps per device due to dynamic software structures
  • HBS|helpdesk as direct support tool between user and Customer Care
  • Scan only the product, user information and processes are already integrated
  • Real-time responses through technological improvements
  • Compatible with all devices running Android 5.0 and higher
  • Multilingual for diversified personnel and internationally operating companies

For more information please contact:

Herbert Güsgen
Head of Sales
+49 208 8596 830

Hani Jomaa
Product Management
+49 208 8596 841

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https://www.hbs.eu/en/hbsmobile-next-generation/ | 6.7.2017