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HBS is certified PEPPOL Access Point and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) Provider


At the beginning of the year, international service provider HBS rose to the status of a PEPPOL Access Point. This status allows us to serve you as your partner for all PEPPOL projects and their implementation across Europe.

In early June, we were awarded the certification as a so-called SMP provider by the OpenPEPPOL Association. The responsibility of an SMP – Service Metadata Publisher – is to manage the references between the subscribers and the associated access points.

This means to you that your company as a recipient of PEPPOL messages is represented by HBS in all member countries and registered across national borders for public calls for tenders within the European Union.

We recommend adhering to the following procedure: Allow HBS in a first step to expand your current data format by the PEPPOL particulars that vary from country to country. In the second step, HBS will convert this expanded format to the PEPPOL recipient formats relevant to the specific country, reducing the amount of modifications necessary for a presence across Europe to a single adjustment. Keeping the required expenses and manpower at a minimum, this approach allows you, for instance, to offer every customer in Europe electronic delivery notes and invoices and receive orders from these customers in electronic form.

We will be happy to assist you if you need additional information and would like to learn more about our on-going projects in Europe.

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https://www.hbs.eu/en/news-peppol-english/ | 14.6.2016