Warehouse management
Scanner-assisted, virtual and efficient

HBS|warehouse management

Target groups  Hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, medical care centers (MCC)

HBS|warehouse management is an easy-to-use tool that allows the user to manage any type of warehouse or storage facility: Care unit storage locations, cabinet stocking, OR stockrooms, consignment warehouses, etc., embedded in a web-based ordering system.

The core technical features are:

  • Web application provided as SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Continuous documentation of any changes in inventory
  • Combination and integration with other HBS products
  • Integration with the materials management system
  • Virtual warehousing including scanner
  • Automated stock receipt and stock release

Key performance features are:

  • Perpetual stocktaking
  • System-supported check of sell-by and expiration dates
  • Access to third parties (customers) can be granted


  • Reduction of personnel costs during the ordering process
  • More efficient control over consumption
  • Decrease in idle capital
  • Simplification and optimization of logistics processes
Appscreen HBS|lagerverwaltung